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Welcome to Class Integrity

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Welcome to our Year 5/ Integrity Class Page.  Please visit regularly to keep up to date with all our learning and news.
The Integrity Class Team


Miss Howell (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Briffa (Mon-Wed)
Mrs Jarvis (Thurs-Fri)
Our PE days are Wednesday & Friday.  Please wear PE kit to school on these days.
Welcome back to a fresh new year at Keyham Barton! We are so excited to see what this new school year has in store for us and the UKS2 team can’t wait to go on a fantastic journey with our new Class Integrity!

Year 5 is an exciting and challenging year, as part of the ‘Upper Key Stage Two Learning Team’, we expect Year 5 children to take a more mature and independent approach towards learning.  These skills are developed throughout the year through a variety of tasks and lessons and provide the key foundations that prepare them for the new challenges of Year 6 and onwards onto Secondary School.


A few updates and reminders

  • Please help us by ensuring your child is on time in the mornings and, if they don’t walk home alone as some older children do, they are collected promptly, following the one-way system. This reduces the numbers in the playground at any one time. 

  • Children can come into school from 8:40 - 8:55 and the school day ends at 3:15

  • All children have their own individual set of resources provided in class. 

  • PE kit is to be worn into schools on PE days. For the Autumn Term, our PE days are WEDNESDAYs and FRIDAYs. 

  • The PE kit is as follows:

    • Yellow KB Polo shirt

    • Plain black/dark shorts (black jogging bottoms/leggings in winter)

    • Appropriate trainers or plimsolls

    • long hair tied back

    • earrings removed or taped up

  • Home School Reading Diaries have been sent home and need to be brought in for regular check-ins, which will be shared with the children in advance.

  • We are more than happy for children to read their own books at home, though they are still able to borrow books from our KS2 library. Anything that gets them reading gets our approval!

  • A bottle of water (with a sports cap rather than a screw-top) can be kept at your child’s desk. While funky metal thermos flasks are very popular at the moment, they are heavy, noisy and their screw lids make them a spill hazard. If possible, please stick to reusable plastic bottles.

  • Break time snacks (ideally fruit or a cereal bar) can be kept in your child’s tray/coat pocket.

  • If your child has additional items they need to bring in, please let a class adult know in advance – accommodations can be made.  


Our Y5 Curriculum

Our curriculum has undergone some exciting changes this year.  We have also started a new scheme in Maths, called Power Maths, which the children are really enjoying so far! Please see the accompanying document showing the curriculum overview for Autumn 2021.

In-class learning will still be shared, when possible, on Google Classroom for children to access in the event that they have to isolate. If your child is unwell, we do not expect them to be working! They need their rest!


Home Learning

  • We are aware that full days at school, new routines, and changes to all our lifestyles can be physically and mentally exhausting, so we will be introducing a ‘formal’ Home Learning grid in a couple of weeks when we have settled back into the swing of things.

  • In the meantime, children should try and find time to read daily at home and access Times Tables Rockstars to brush up on their speed and accuracy of their Times Tables facts as well as IXL to practise their Maths and Grammar skills. 

  • Most importantly, please continue to build in daily exercise and some ‘down’ time. Full days at school will take some time to get used to!  

  • Year 5 will be sharing their Home Learning at the end of term in December. The exact date will be shared with you and them when the Home Learning Grids go out.



Roles and Responsibilities

We have elected our School Councillors, but all of our Year 5 children have a responsibility in supporting their younger peers with regards to our behaviour expectations and values in line with our school mission statement. 

It is also important that they wear the correct school uniform and keep to the rules regarding jewellery and shoes.  Please contact the office if you need any advice or have queries about the school dress code.

We have recently appointed new student  School Librarians and Pupil Chaplains, who have the responsibility of maintaining and overseeing library activities.


In Summary:

Children come to school:

  • With a coat, which they will hang up in the cloakroom

  • With a snack, which they will put in their tray.  It would be helpful if this was separate to their lunchboxes. 

  • With a lunchbox (if needed), which will be placed on the appropriate shelf.

  • With a water bottle (with sports cap)

  • With a reading book if they have taken the book from their tray home with them.

  • Wearing school PE kit on Wednesdays and Fridays

    • Yellow KB Polo shirt

    • Plain black shorts (black jogging bottoms/leggings in winter)

    • Appropriate trainers or plimsolls


We are looking forward to a really good year with our new Year 5. They have settled in beautifully and have impressed everyone with their eager enthusiasm already! 

Any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the team.

Yours sincerely, 

Mr Priscott