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Our Mission Statement

Enable                      Empower                       Entrust
At Keyham Barton Catholic Primary we want to enable our children to meet their full potential, understand their worth and to be the best version of themselves they can be. We aim to empower every child to develop a lifelong love of learning so as to entrust them with the future as agents of social change. We want children to be excited about learning, motivated to work hard and to aspire for excellence in all that they set their minds to so that they become creative problem-solvers. Every child is unique, with individual talents and God-given gifts. We encourage our children to be curious, resilient, aspirational and independent. Through our values and virtues we seek to develop integrity, perseverance, courage, strength, compassion, humility, kindness and justice. We meet every child where they are in their learning and support them in growing to reach their potential.
This mission is embedded at all levels and is reflected in our trauma informed behaviour and relationship policies.
According to our recent Section 48 RE Inspection:
"The mission statement is at the heart of the school. Pupils are well cared for by a strong team who seek to meet the needs of all, especially those most vulnerable. Pupils recognise their duty to help others locally and globally. The school knows the community it serves well and provides support for all."