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Nothing says Christmas like filling your little ones with sugar and carting them off home to you full of sweeties!

Thank you for your continued engagement and support this term, I look forward to having your children back in January.

Have a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!
This half-term our Geography unit takes us across the ocean to The Americas!
Though it might seem outdated, using an atlas is an important skill and we worked together on that today.
We used our atlases to map out a journey across North and South America, using proximity to the equator to help us make assumptions about the climate, and spotting features such as rivers on the map.

I'd like to share with you an extract from Anita's journey:

"I began my journey in Brazil. It was boiling! I went through many, many, many rivers. I also went through Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay until I finally reached Chile!"
Happy Monday!
We have been working on finding factors today by representing numbers in a variety of different arrays, using cubes to help us.
An array involves representing a number as a set of equal rows and columns, for example the number 24 could be represented as 2 rows, 12 columns, but it could also be represented as 6 rows, 4 columns!

Times tables knowledge is invaluable when it comes to factors and multiples, so I highly recommend getting in those 5 minutes of TTRS per day to support our Maths learning!
Happy Friday!
We are very lucky to have coaches from Argyle to lead our PE sessions this term - especially since our new unit is FOOTBALL!
The children were very excited to start this unit and made a great start to dribbling the ball, learning how to keep possession by changing directions.
We have been immersing ourselves in our new Warning Tale in English, and this involved creating actions to go alongside our text map as we retell the story out loud.
The children have worked very hard and we certainly have some performers in our class!
Why not ask your children to retell the tale to you and show off the actions they helped create? I have challenged them to see just how much they can recall independently.
Our new Science unit this half term is Space! We spent todays lesson exploring the discoveries in Science and how knowledge changed over hundreds of years.
To help us with this, we had some 'visitors'!
We were joined by scientists and astronomers from Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient Babylon and Sumer, Ancient Greece, Ancient Islamic Civilisation, and we were even joined by Copernicus, Galileo, and Sir Isaac Newton!
How lucky we are to have the knowledge and discoveries of these scientists to explain how the solar system moves in Space.
On Wednesday this week, we investigated the effect of friction by testing out how well different materials performed as a brake pad for a tricycle. Tip: don't replace your brake pads with paper!
Well done Integrity for your great learning this week.
Previously, the children had lots of fun creating and testing paper parachutes as part of their air resistance investigation.
Tomorrow, we will be investigating friction - why not help your child spot friction in action in their daily lives?