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Kindness class are currently exploring the theme "seasons" and have been studying the work of David Najar and have been studying his pieces of artwork and appraising them. We have imitated pieces of an artists work, learnt about and experimented with the technique of impasto and planned for our final seasons piece of artwork.
Our RE this term has been looking at special people. We have looked at who are the special people in our lives and who are the special people are Sunday Mass. Below you can see us creating the characters to help us retell the story of Jesus going to the temple aged 12 in Luke 2.
We have had such an exciting term doing experiments and learning more about how to work scientifically. Below you can see some of the activities we used for our investigations.
This term we created some art master pieces. We used a mixed medium approach to create a seaside style piece of art work based on the work of a local artist.