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PE with Argyle
In PE this week, we used hoops to drive our 'cars' around the playground. On command we can park (stop), go around a roundabout (turn on the spot), go to a garage (get into groups) and swap cars (find a friend and switch hoops). We showed our spatial awareness by moving around without bumping cars and were Listening Lions as we followed instructions.
We use manipulatives to help us to solve maths problems. Anything can be a manipulative - counters, buttons, pasta, curtain hoops, paperclips, plastic animals, treasury tags, bolts, bottle tops, keys, cutlery - the list is endless. We have open boxes of objects and we have sealed 'collections' that we can explore. You can do this at home too. We love to use jottings to show our thinking as we are finding out how many we have.
Can you build a church using blocks?
We enjoy visiting our parish church 
The Catholic Church Our Most Holy Redeemer. 
We built our own churches and tried to include the different parts.
Our seeds have grown!
We planted raspberry, pepper and tomato seeds. We also grew strawberries as a class. They are nearly ready to eat - yummy!
We can tell you the parts of a plant - stem, leaf, flower, petals, root. 
Time to release our class pets
We picked a sunny day and released our butterflies into a flower bed for them to rest, get used to being outside and then go to find a new home. They flew so high! 
Our butterflies hatched!
When we reached the Easter holidays, out caterpillars had become chrysalids and Mrs McCoy looked after them. They waited until the first day back to school and hatched at school. They wanted to wake up in our classroom. We were very excited. 
People who help us - Argyle sports coach
We interviewed Lewis from Argyle and asked him how to become a sports coach and how does he help people. 
People who help us - Jan from waste management
We learn all about our local incinerator and how to reduce, reuse and recycle. 
Learning outside
Now the weather is lovely, we enjoy taking all our learning outside. 
People who help us - nurse
One of our parents visited to tell us about nursing. We learnt how they help people and all about the NHS. Click on this link to find out too.
What do we want to learn about people who help us?
Have a look at the questions we came up with. We will ask them to each of our visitors this term. We learnt about our own grown ups' jobs and that some are training to do new jobs and going to uni (university). We have been thinking about what we want to do when we are older.