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Just before half term, the Keyham Barton mini police completed a clean up of North Down Park. The children had a great time whilst giving back to their local community.
This half term, Peace Class have received tennis coaching from Argyle. As their skills have progressed, they have moved on to playing tennis matches in doubles, which they have thoroughly enjoyed. Next half term, they will continue to benefit from Argyle coaching and will be developing their attacking and defending skills.
Mini Police
Our mini police received their uniforms and took their oath today!
In last week's science lesson, the children measured the distance travelled by a toy car down ramps covered in different materials in order to investigate which material caused the most friction. We discussed how we could make the investigation a fair test by keeping the ramps at the same height and always measuring from the front of the car. Our results didn't support our predictions, but this led to a discussion about possible inaccuracies with our measuring or conducting the investigation fairly.
This afternoon, the children created freeze-frames of key moments from Matthew's account of the Wise Men visiting Jesus in our RE lesson. We had some very angry looking Herods when 'he' found out that there was to be another king and when the Wise Men failed to return to him.