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Yesterday we had a collapsed DT. Our design brief was to design and make a toy from fabric that could be sold as a souvenir in a Dartmoor gift shop. I was really impressed with the children's attempts at running and over stitch. Unfortunately, we ran out of time for completing our toys this half term, but we will finish them off on the first afternoon back. The children are keen to show you their great designs.
On Tuesday, we completed our current unit of dance. The children have been working on creating a movement phrase in a pair, which used machine-based actions e.g. a fast outward movement followed by a slower returning movement to represent a piston. They had to think carefully about which movements would be best performed in canon and which would be better in unison. Here are some photos of the children performing half a class at a time.
In our science lessons this term, we are learning all about light through the context of a diamond earring theft. The children have become heavily invested in the case and are determined to catch the criminal (although some children are convinced it's a duo!).

They have learnt that light only travels in straight lines, so only objects directly in line with the only torch would have been visible when the lights went out.

They have then conducted an investigation into which colours are the best reflectors of light, so that they could eliminate some suspects in brighter clothing.

Last week, the children found a mysterious note that had been written in mirror writing that led them to the location of the earrings. They also had a go at writing their own messages to one another.
Dartmoor Trip (Geography and English)
The children were brilliant on their trip to Dartmoor today and the staff are very proud of them. The guides commented on their energy and enthusiasm for learning and being out on the moors. 

After that slightly rocky start due to our bus breaking down, the rest of the day went well. The children were split into two groups to explore different aspects of the moor. Both groups learnt about what a National Park is and saw first-hand some of the different aspects of its physical and human geography. We also started to learn about the impact of tourism on the moor and how this impact can be reduced.

Once we had lunch, the children enjoyed the interactive activities and films within the visitor centre. I was so proud of my group when they chose to collectively thank the lady behind the desk for letting them explore, without any prompting from me.