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In Science on Friday, we were learning about how nutrients from food diffuse into our blood through our small intestine.
To demonstrate how a substance can diffuse in a liquid, we used Skittles and water! A very pretty experiment, but it helped us to understand how nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, water and fats enter our bloodstream.
We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school for the Summer term.
We will be continuing with our soft start where children will be able to come into school and straight up into the classroom in the mornings. The school gate will be opening at 8.35am, and children are expected to arrive by 8.45am.
Should you need to speak with a member of staff, there will generally be an adult on the playground, or feel free to dojo message me and ask me to meet you on the playground if you wish to speak with me directly.
Our PE days have not changed this term and will continue to be Monday and Friday.
Just a reminder that we would like our children to take pride in their uniform and this includes PE kit - PE uniform lists can be found in your child's home diary and will also be detailed in the class newsletter.
Thank you for your continued support.
Dear YEAR 4 parents,
As you may be aware, the Multiplication Tables Check is a compulsory national assessment that is administered to Year 4 children in the Summer term.
We are now less than three weeks away from MTC week! We are doing lots of practice in school, but it would be incredibly useful for your children to be doing some times table practice at home too.
We recommend:
- Completing at least 5 soundchecks a day (to ensure consistency as well as practice with the question timings, which are the same as on the MTC).
- At least 10 minutes per day on Garage or Studio (however, as much time as possible would be the most beneficial).
- Looking at previous soundcheck scores to identify which times table facts in particular need more practice, and then practising these specific facts in a variety of ways such as written or verbally.

I will attach the 'Information for Parents' link below, but feel free to ask us any questions.


We appreciate your time and effort in supporting your children,
Mrs H
As part of our Geography project, we identified that a key area for improvement in our local community is the amount of litter on the ground. To combat this, we decided we would litter-pick on our way to Gaynor Hall at lunch time each day for a week.
Keep an eye out and let us know if you think it has improved over the next week!
Good morning!
We hope you have had a wonderful half term.
We are very much looking forward to welcoming your children back to school tomorrow morning.
We have some exciting learning coming up over the next few weeks in which we will be developing our skills as scientists, exploring the complexities and impacts of the British Empire, experimenting with different dance styles and plenty more.
For more curriculum information, our Summer term jigsaw has been shared below.
Our PE days will be remaining the same this half term, so please send your children to school in PE kit on Mondays and Fridays.
As the weather gets warmer, I would recommend ensuring your child comes to school with a water bottle.
See you soon,
Mrs H
What a fantastic first day back we have had!
In RE this afternoon, we discussed how it must have felt for the Israelites when Moses returned after climbing Mount Sinai and presented them with the Ten Commandments.
We explored reasons why we think the Israelites might or might not have wanted to follow these new rules, ending in a formal debate.
Some of us thought that the Israelites would have wanted to have full faith in Moses and the word of God, while others were sceptical of continuing to follow Moses when he had lead us to be hungry and thirsty traipsing the desert.
Ultimately, after a final vote, the general consensus was that following God's word would grant us freedom and we would have accepted the new rules.
Our new Science unit has us developing our skills as scientists by exploring the different types of scientific enquiry.

This week, we were carrying out 'observation over time'. We did this by setting up a pendulum, letting it swing and observing the changes over the course of 60 seconds.

While we did not control the variables, so each of our observations will have been slightly different, generally we all observed a similar thing - the pendulum would begin by swinging a long way back and forward, but over time, the pendulum's swing became lower and lower until it eventually came to a complete stop.