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Last week, we were fortunate enough to attend a workshop at the Tamar Crossings Visitor Centre.
We caught the train to Plymouth station and then changed over to catch our second train to Saltash. We then spent the morning in Saltash sketching the bridge from different perspectives.
We had a very windy walk across the bridge to the centre where we had our lunch and then a very informative workshop about the bridge.
Unfortunately, the rain put a stop to our outdoor PE plans, so instead we did some circuit activities inside. This included long jump, speed bounce, skipping, squatting and step-ups. The children loved challenging themselves to see how much they could do in 30 second bursts!
On Wednesday this week, we walked from school to Devonport Park to visit the SoapBox Children's Theatre for a storytelling workshop.
The children were part of a performance about the Allis Shad, an endangered species of fish remaining only in the River Tamar.

We were sea slugs, seahorses, salmon, avocets and many other sea creatures!

The children were fantastic and we received feedback from the volunteers that we were the best group they had had for a long time!

Thank you again to those of you that were able to join us for their final performance, didn't they do well!

We hope you enjoy a few of these snapshots from the day.
Last week, our Year 5 children had the opportunity to develop and master their bike riding skills. Well done to you all, the coaches were very impressed by your resilience and behaviour.
Our Year 4 mini-police received their uniforms and took their oaths today!
Happy new year to you all.
We are looking forward to welcoming you back to school for the Spring term.
We will be continuing with our soft start where children will be able to come into school and straight up into the classroom in the mornings. The school gate will be opening at 8.35am, and children are expected to arrive by 8.45am.
Should you need to speak with a member of staff, there will generally be an adult on the playground, or feel free to dojo message me and ask me to meet you on the playground if you wish to speak with me directly.
Our PE days have not changed this term and will continue to be Monday and Friday.
Just a reminder that we would like our children to take pride in their uniform and this includes PE kit - PE uniform lists can be found in your child's home diary and will also be detailed in the class newsletter that will go home at the end of this week.
Thank you for your continued support.