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Space rocket
We created a rocket role play area outside. We learned about the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Mae Jemison and role play being astronauts using all of the controls. 
Science Week - Inventions through Time
For science week, Courage class had the time period 2000 to present day. We looked at several inventions - 3D printer, contactless payment and Spacex relanding rocket boosters.
We voted and decided that the best invention was the reuseable rocket boosters that enable space flight to become cheaper. We were excited by the possibility of becoming future astronauts.
We demonstrated the launching and landing of a Spacex booster rocket using our models in assembly in front of the whole school.
Check out this link to see for yourself!
The Great Race
Last week was Chinese New Year and began the year of the Dragon. Children in Courage class were born in the year of the dog or the pig (they know which one!). We made paper fortune cookies, paper lanterns and took home a celebration red envelope to mark the occasion. 

A long time ago the Jade Emperor told the animals to have a race. The strong ox was in the lead. The clever rat had a ride on his back and jumped off and came first. The first year of the chinese new year cycle is the rat. The sad ox came second. The tiger swam and came third. The rabbit hopped on the logs and came forth. The dragon flew and came fifth. The snake curled around the horse’s leg and came sixth. Horse came seventh. Three friends the goat, the rooster and the monkey made a raft and came 8th,9th and 10th. The dog had a bath and came 11th. The pig fell asleep and came 12th. This is the order of the chinese new year cycle.

Time for Lent
Yesterday, we had our very own Shrove Tuesday in Courage Class and made pancakes! We were preparing for the beginning of Lent. Tomorrow, Father Appollos is sharing an Ash Wednesday (on a Thursday!) style mass with us to mark the start of Lent in school.
Ask us about how to make pancakes and what we do in Lent.
We love counting!
Courage Class showed their Year 6 buddies Counting Collections. We were using our oracy skills to choose, strategise, count and record. Our buddies were impressed by how well we can count.
Growing from seeds
We are growing cress heads!
Mrs McCoy and her family ate lots of eggs so the children had one each to use. We followed the instructions and now we wait to see if our egg heads grow hair!
Building outdoors
We are becoming more creative and elaborate with our collaborative buildings outside. What do you think we have built? 
We are scientists.
We investigated the question "What makes porridge taste yummy?"
We did a fair test and only change the flavour. We tried plain porridge and then added different flavours. We filled in the recording sheet answering if we had tasted it and then if we liked or disliked that flavour.  
Mrs McCoy was impressed we all tried every flavour. Marmite porridge surprised some children and tasted alright :-)
Strengthening our arms
We enjoy drawing and writing on the floor to help develop our strength. We also draw and write on our vertical art paper. We develop those shoulder muscles to help our arms and hands get stronger. 
Balance bikes, scooters and trikes
We love riding around our playground strengthening our muscles. 
Power Jam
Have you logged into Power Jam recently? Your children are really impressing me with their maths. Can they show you by playing their online maths games?
Here is the link.