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DT - Landing Capsules Egg Drop
We tested our Landing Capsules with our volunteer EGG-stronauts! 7 succesful attempts! However, 3 EGG-stronauts needed some medical assistance after their unsuccessful drops!
Isla receiving her award from Inspector Paul for her fantastic Halloween artwork.
DT - Landing Capsules
We've designed our landing capsules for our EGG-stronauts. Now we just need to make them. Fingers crossed for safe landings next week. 
Reading - Holes by Louis Sachar
Remembrance Day
Maths - Cube Numbers
Our Class Prayer Space
Sports Leader Training
Science - Space
P.E. - Football with Argyle
R.E. - Domestic Church - Who Am I?
English - Poetry - The Malfeasance
In English, we have been learning about and adapting this poem by Alan Bold.
At first, we thought it was about a real monster. Then, we realised it was a metaphor for a " scary" new idea that can spread through a group of people. 
It made us think a lot about Coronavirus and the unknown fear associated with it and how it crept up on us and spread across the world.