Summer 1
Curiosity- Nursing
One of our EYFS Mummies came into school and shared what being a carer was like. We loved acting it out and dressing up!
In Literacy our text is Supertato, we have learnt the story, acted it out and enjoyed having a go at trying to catch Evil Pea!
Curiosity- Police
We enjoyed a visit from the Police and Police activities in school- we have even made wanted posters and Police reports!
Curiosity- Fire brigade
We loved watching the videos that the fire brigade sent us and role playing being firemen in choosing time. 
RE Pentecost- The Good News
We learnt that the Holy Spirit is a helper and friend that Jesus promised. We had a good news party and celebrated the gift of the Holy Spirit for the disciples. We enjoyed acting out the story using our windmills and hats. At the end of each RE unit we plan our own class liturgy to celebrate all that we have learnt, we chose to hear the story from the bible outside, have songs and a prayer time together. 
Laudato Si
We had the opportunity to share God's love by making cards for a neighbour who turned 103! 
Summer 2