Our role play is a taco shop!
We have a new taco role play area. It sparked some fantastic questions from the children as they asked each other about chosen toppings. The children made up the felt tacos and then 'washed up' by returning the food to the correct pots.

We started the day by trying real tacos too!

We enjoyed using the drinks machine too.

A fire pit in Courage Class

Courage class showed their Gospel value Courage when using the fire pit. They listened and followed the safety rules really well. They enjoyed cooking and eating the marshmallows!
A Baptism in Courage Class
This week, we looked at Baptisms and being welcomed into God’s family. We learnt that a welcome can have a big impact on how people feel and that we make the Sign of the Cross because it means that God is all around us. We also held our own confirmation and baptised baby Delilah to welcome her into our family.

Ewwww! Sneezing!
We also taught a Science lesson, learning all about how to keep a safe distance from people out of our bubble, as well as what germs/microbes look like. We then put our science goggles on and looked at how far a sneeze can travel when you don’t wear a mask, highlighting how important it is to wear one in public.

First we guessed how far a sneeze would travel.

Then we each had a go. Where the droplets landed, we called them the germs!

We covered the spray with a mask and it did not travel as far.

Now we know why we need to wear a mask and socially distance.