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We are scientists

We were trying to understand the social distancing measurement of 2 metres. We looked at how far 2 metres was and wondered why we had to keep that far apart. Then we thought about sneezing. We made a long path of paper and stood at one end ready to sneeze (with a water spray bottle). We each placed a named post it note where we thought we would be safe from the germs. Then together we pretended to sneeze and looked at where the droplets of water landed and who had been sprayed by the germs. We knew that if we wash our hands then we are safest.

Class Courage Lockdown Learning

smileyPositional Language Obstacle Course smiley

What a fantastic video from Robbie in Courage Class. He designed an obstacle course and showed his toy traversing it using all of that fantastic positional language.

What positional words can you hear?


Still image for this video