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6th Dec - Games with Rhys in the rain!

5th Dec - Using multilink to create arrays.

4th Dec - Setting up an investigation on evaporation.

4th Dec - Creating actions for a non-fiction text map.

26th Nov - 'Mind blown'

Today we were learning the 6 times table facts. During the lesson, we looked at the relationship between the 5 times table and the 6 times table. We were literally 'mind blown'!



Their faces were a picture, so I asked them to freeze frame it for you all to see!

22nd Nov - Exploring Gases

22nd Nov - Kahoot!

19th Nov - Dividing by multiples of 10

8th Nov - States of Matter

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We are learning about states of matter: solids, liquids and gases. Here we are demonstrating how the particles of a solid, liquid and gas move.

7th Nov - Today we used our knowledge of perimeter to draw enclosures for dinosaurs!

1st Nov - We have been learning about the importance of measuring accurately to find the perimeter of a shape.

18th Oct - Wear it Pink!

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We decorated some biscuits for the occasion - thank you Mrs Westlake for the goodies!

17th Oct - Today we began English by creating a bank of similes, metaphors and personification for a Roman themed poem.

Thank you to Davin for being our human stencil!

16th October - Time for a bit of yoga...

16th Oct - Charlotte's Dog - written by Kit Wright

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We are learning about how poems can create imagery. We have learned a poem that has similes and metaphors in it, can you hear them?

3rd Oct - Throw the die! What type of adverb are we using this time?

Yes, it's an adverbial of time!
Where, when and how?

2nd Oct - Retelling a Recount- A Typical Monday in Yr4 (Mrs Allen's Perspective)

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1st Oct - Ukuleles

1st Oct - Retelling a recount

1st Oct - Our Pie Corbett story telling actions

Later on
So/ so that
After that
An hour later
In the afternoon

1st Oct - Our word class actions

Adjective - a describing word
Noun - person, place or thing

27th Sep - Solving riddles!

25th Sep - Our Roman Experience Day

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The photos and videos are finally collated! Only had to sort through 396 of them...
We had such an amazing day. The children were fantastically dressed, thank you! We hope you enjoy seeing what we got up to.

24th Sep - We are finishing our Roman shields, ready for the battle tomorrow!

24th Sep - We are learning about negative numbers.

George is very important! He is the number 0.

4th-21st Sep - Swimming

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After doing 3 weeks of swimming, we have become much more confident with our swimming. We have learned many skills, including some life skills in water safety!

21st Sep - Designing and preparing our Roman shields

19th Sep - Teach an alien rounding

17th Sep - Creating character profiles

11th Sept - Retelling a historical fiction text

10th Sep - We became a human number line!

7th Sep - Roman Numeral dice game

5th Sep - We are learning Roman Numerals!