Spring 1
Chinese New Year
We have loved learning about how they celebrate. We tried new food and learnt the story. We even did a puppet show. We also made the great wall of China all the way around the class. 
UTW Mountains
We were fascinated by Mount Everest's ice bridge so we made our own in choosing time. 
Literacy- Dear Zoo
We loved learning the story of Dear Zoo in Talk 4 Writing. We changed it to Dear Pet Shop. 
As part of our learning, we also looked at Noah's Ark and Handa's Surprise. We enjoyed learning about Africa and all its animals!
We have been working hard on our listening skills and had an amazing PE lesson using all our skills while rotating activities!
RE- Celebrations
We have learnt about celebrations and that Christians believe that Jesus is the light of the World. We enjoyed exploring the church with Father Petroc to see how celebrations happen in the church. 
Literacy- Mr Wiggle & Mr Waggle
Mr Wiggle & Mr Waggle are puppets, we loved trying out how to use puppets!
We have been working on our numbers to 5 and then to 10. We used the part-whole model and 5/10s frames.
Spring 2
The Three Little Pigs
We learnt the story of The Three Little Pigs. We loved making traps for the wolf and hot seating!
RE Eucarist, Church Gathering
Mothers Day 
We invited mummies and special ladies and enjoyed sharing our learning space and making memories together.
Science Week
As part of our topic of The Three Little Pigs we looked at materials. We then explored their properties and decided to change our story to The Three Little Penguins on their boat. We had to work out what materials were bad, just like the straw. For Science Week we used all that we had learnt to send a message to year 1, the message was sent between every class throughout the week.