Mini Police
At the end of March, we continued with our social action work at North Down Filed. We joined forces with the mini police teams from Drake and Ford Primaries to start planting seeds for the future wildflower meadow. We also played games to learn more about the important roles of pollinators and carried out a litter pick around the park and on a way back to school.
One of our science units this term has focused on sound. We made string telephones to demonstrate how sound waves can travel through solids as well as through gases (the air around us). We then experimented with different lengths of string to explore how distance affects our perception of sound.
Green Minds and Pollenize
We were visited by a representative from each of the above two local organisations in order to help us to prepare for our second mini police social action day and as part of British Science Week (this years theme is growth) . We learnt about the important role of bees as pollinators and thoroughly enjoyed playing bee-related games and activities to demonstrate what we had learnt.
This term, coaches from Argyle have been working with us to develop our hand-eye coordination and team work skills by teaching us how to play cricket. This sport was chosen because it combines so many different skills.
We have been trying to identify and generate equivalent fractions in maths. Some of us found this much easier with the aid of a fraction wall and a ruler.
We have been looking at forces and magnets. In today's science lesson, we investigated how different surfaces create different amounts of friction. We rolled a toy car down ramps made from different materials and measured how far the car travelled along the floor.