Autumn 1
We have been learning about numbers to 5:
- How to make the amount
- Recognise the numerals
- How to write the numerals
We enjoyed making cakes with candles to match the birthday cards. 
We're Going On A Bear Hunt
We have loved learning the story We're Going On A Bear Hunt. We started off by going on a bear hunt around our playground! We learnt the text using the story map and have enjoyed being story tellers in choosing time. We acted out the story and even had a go at hot seating some of the characters! It was tricky to ask questions but we had a go! We changed our story to have different settings and retold our new story. 
The Colour Monster
We enjoyed learning the story of the colour monster. We learnt the text using actions and a story map. We made parts of the story and our own colour monsters. Feelings are important; we explored how we can help ourselves and others when we don't feel right. 
We were very blessed to receive a free Farm in a Box! It had lots of exciting things to explore and deepen our learning. We learnt about:
- Where flour comes from and what we can make with it
- Some of the things that are produced on a farm e.g. eggs, straw and wool
- Weather and what kind of weather is needed for farming
- Food that are root vegetables and food that grow above ground. We even got to try lots of different types! 
- Noises on a farm
- Comparisons with how tall we are and how tall other animals are!
We loved exploring these further in Choosing Time too. 
We learnt about family and where we belong. We learnt that our names are important and we are precious to God.
In the bible it says in Isaiah 43: 1-2
God says: You are precious to me. I love you. I know you. I know your name. I call you by your name. You are my child.
For Christians, God is the loving parent of the human family and Jesus was born and lived in a human family. 
We also discovered that our class is called Courage. We are the guardians of the value Courage. 


We learnt about Hanukkah so that we can understand and respect what other people believe. We explored how and why Jews celebrate. We made menorahs to show the 8 days of the miracle and bunting. 
Autumn 2
We have been comparing amounts to 5. We have also been practising how to subitise (know how many without counting) which is really tricky! 
We have been learning what 'Welcome' is and why it is so important. We reflected on how we were welcomed into school and how we can make someone feel welcomed. We made cards and a poster for our class to welcome others in. 
Babies are often welcomed into the home with special celebration like a party; in the church a baby is welcomed in by another celebration called Baptism. We enjoyed hearing the story of baby Matthew's baptism and acting it out. 
We were able to visit the church and meet Father Petroc. He showed us what happens in a baptism. We had a go at asking some questions too!. 
We are all growing and changing like a seed and a caterpillar. We want to learn and get better too! We decided on a transformational target for the year. Here are some examples:
- To be able to write my name
- To be able to take my jumper off on my own
- To be able to do my coat up
We drew these on leaves for our school display and sat in our prayer space and asked God for some help. We also planted some seeds to watch them grow while we grow too!
Fire safety
We learnt how to be safe around fire for bonfire night.
We did a little Nativity called Little Angel gets her wings. The children did incredibly well remembering their words and singing!
We have really enjoyed learning about the Christmas story. 
Maths- Shape
We found a large egg in our classroom... We drew pictures of what we thought was inside and learnt about different dinosaurs, some of them are massive! We then found videos of a real dinosaur in our classroom!
Literacy- Recipes