12th Nov - Breakfast Club Certificate
Rhys has had a super week at breakfast club. Well done, Rhys! Keep it up!
We are Lego masters!
10th Nov - Visit to Holy Redeemer Church
Today we learned more about baptism from Father Petroc.
We also had a story-telling afternoon!
8th Nov - Continuous Provision
5th Nov - Continents TWISTER!
3rd Nov - WOW words
Continuous Provision
2nd Nov - Retelling the story of 'Sally and the Limpet'
We had a surprise visitor today!
22nd Oct - Wear it pink!
Thank you for your donations.
Our finished sailing boats!
21st Oct - Bead strings help us with adding and subtracting
19th Oct - Year One made sandwiches as part of their literacy topic. 
18th Oct - Ships in the making
11th Oct - How to Find the Treasure on Monkey Island
Investigating the buoyancy and waterproofness of different materials
8th Oct - Check out our 'Y2 Beginnings' RE wall
4th Oct - Sorting items by their properties
1st Oct - Describing the properties of materials
29th Sept - Materials - Can you twist it, bend it, stretch it or squash it?
Continuous Provision
27th Sept - Check out our Mayflower Learning Wall!
24th Sept - Reading in the HOT SEAT
20th Sept - Making Mini Pilgrim People!
Can you make a wetu/mishoon?
17th Sept - Summer Sunflower
Over the summer holidays, Ethan grew a supersized sunflower. He brought in a certificate to share with the class. His sunflower grew to the height of 3.6 metres. Very impressive!
Recalling a Story from Memory
Using a Place Value Grid
The Creation Story
To help us remember the story and order of God's creation, we created some actions and simple phrases.
Painting the Mayflower ship!
Mrs Prestidge has created a wonderful ship for us to paint and decorate over the next week. We will be making the passengers too!
16th Sept - Giant Jelly Jaws & the Pirates
Today we created actions to help us remember a short version of the story named 'Giant Jelly Jaws & the Pirates'.
15th Sept - WOW Words
14th Sept - Building Numbers
Free-Flow Activities
10th Sept - Representing Numbers to 100
 Drawing Self-Portraits
9th Sept - Non-Fiction Cold Write
Today we had a 'magic breakfast'! In the closed can of beans, there was a picture of a little girl! The class was WOWED! We watched the below video to help us write a story...
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 We then created our own 'can creatures'!
 Free-Flow Activities