Mr Gumpy's Outing Talk 4 Writing
Christmas in Courage Class!
 A Visit from the Optician
Maths 2D & 3D shape
We have enjoyed exploring both 2D and 3D shape. We can sort shape by ones that roll and ones that stack- some do both! We can also describe our shapes: rounded, pointy, flat (3D), curved, straight (2D). 
Geography (wk 1-2)
We have learnt about maps and different parts of our environment. We have even gone on treasure hunts!
Art (wk3-4)
In Art we have been learning about how to paint the sea and different water colour techniques. We have also learnt about colour mixing and observational drawings. 
Maths (wk 2-3)
We have been learning about 'more' and 'fewer'. 
RE Welcome (wk 7, 1-3)
In RE we are learning about 'welcome' and how people are welcomed into the church through baptism. We enjoyed making welcome cards and sign with our hand prints ready for our open day. We know that 'welcome' means 'Hello! It's good to see you, come in!
During our RE learning out welcome we have been learning about how people are often welcomed into the church through baptism. We went to the church and met Father Petroc and he showed us! 
We have been learning about the numbers to 5 in lots of different ways! We can now show it using objects and on a fives frame. We enjoyed learning stories to help us like Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We are now practising finding numerals and writing them. 
Design Technology- Construction (wk6-7)
Inspired by the Mayflower we researched, designed, made, tested, evaluated and adapted a boat! We now now the parts of a boat and how to make a mast stable. 
 RE Judaism- Hanukkah (wk 6)
In RE we have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah. We know they are celebrating a special miracle where the oil that should have lasted for one day, lasted for 8! That is why the menorah has 8 candles (the 9th candle helps to light the other candles). They celebrate for 8 days. We decorated our own menorahs.
RE- Myself (wk 2-5)
We have been learning how we are precious: precious to our families, each other and to God. We have been having a go at praying or reflection time too! To celebrate our learning and to help us to remember that God loves us, we have made salt dough hearts. 
Science- Materials (wk 4-5)
We have been enjoying exploring different materials, naming the material, object and its properties. 
History- Mayflower (wk 2-3)
We have loved learning about the Mayflower. We especially enjoyed making crepe paper dolls, like the Wampanoag’s corn husk dolls and Mayflower boats in all sorts of ways!
First Day fun!