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We are not going to see each other for a little while as the schools have to close for most children. Today in Courage class, we planted sunflower seeds. We also made a collaborative collage of a sunflower in bloom. We will take our pots home, care for them and hopefully be reunited as a class before the flowers bloom. 

DEAR Thursday


We love to Drop Everything And Read with our families. Thank you to our grown ups for coming. It really helps us learn. 

We are scientists!

We wore our safety googles and showed awe and wonder at our science experiment!

How does our parish family celebrate?

Father Petroc showed us some objects used in celebration in our church by our parish family. We then shared what we remembered. 

Evan - candle lights at birthday and you feel happy. Christmas too. Jesus is the light. 

Lucas - When we went in the church, I saw one of the smelly perfume ones. the smoke went to heaven. It took our prayers.

Stanley - God made the flowers. they make the world look pretty. 

Ethan - Ring the bell when it is prayer time or when something is happening at church. 

Rhys - A statue of Mary because she is important, just in case we forget what she looks like. 

J-Jay - the stuff inside the book is important because it helps you in Mass. 

Lovely comments by the youngest members of our Keyham family.

We made shoes!

Mrs McCoy gave us card and decorations and we all decided to try to make our own shoes. Sometimes we cut our pieces too small and when we compared them by measuring against our feet, we decided we needed a longer sole. We were very proud of ourselves. Can we make you a pair of shoes?

Trip to the theatre!

We went to the Theatre Royal to watch the "Elves and the Shoemaker" by Stuff and nonsense Theatre company. We travelled by bus. It was very exciting. The bus driver described us as lovely children sitting really nicely on the bus. A passenger commented on how well we travelled. Mrs McCoy, Mrs Clarke and our grown up helpers were so proud.