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Reconnection Curriculum


During these first two weeks (and longer if needed), we are focussing on ‘reconnecting’ the children with each other and with full-time education.  All change can bring anxieties and, as this is a September like no other, we are very aware of the importance of taking small steps to nurture and support your child during their return to school.


Some of our reconnection activities have included:

  • Comparing and contrasting life during lockdown and life afterwards, then creating artwork in the style of Banksy
  • Exploring how we can protect our environment post-lockdown by becoming more considerate about the waste we produce. We saved leftover plastic from lunch etc to create rubbish artwork!
  • Considering how our emotions may have been affected by lockdown and making worry butterflies and problem=solving flowers.
  • Learning more about viruses, the creating our own using salt dough, with strips of paper to represent the RNA.
  • Making sock puppets to help us cope with any worries we may have.

Worry Sock Puppets

Salt Dough Viruses!

Contrast sketches in the style of Banksy