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The Role of the Governing Body

From 1st April 2014 all the Catholic Schools in the Plymouth Diocese became part of the Catholic Multi Academy Trust, known as ‘Plymouth CAST’.

Who are Governors?
School Governors are people from the school’s local community who wish to make a positive contribution to children’s education. They MUST be over eighteen years at the date of their appointment, but there is NO upper age limit. Each term of office lasts for four years.

Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country!
They have a very important part to play in raising school standards through three key roles which are –

1. Setting Strategic Direction 
This is for the short, medium and long term. It involves setting aims and objectives and setting policies and targets for achieving those aims and objectives. There needs to be clarity of vision, ethos and direction.

2. Ensuring Accountability 
Contributing to the school self-evaluation, understanding strengths and weaknesses, reporting to stakeholders i.e. young people, parents and staff

3. Monitoring and Evaluating School Performanc
Measuring and challenging progress and reviewing School Improvement Plans by holding the Headteacher and Leadership Team to account for improving the quality of teaching, achievement and behaviour and safety.


What do Governors do?
Our Governing Body normally meet in full once a term. 

Our Governing Body

  • works as a team and is accountable for the performance of the school to

    parents, carers and the wider community.

  • ensures that all safeguarding requirements are met.
  • plans the school’s future direction and makes decisions on the school's budget

    and staffing requirements.

  • decides how best the school can develop and supports the pupils’ behaviour and

    spiritual, moral and social development.

  • makes sure that the school provides for all its pupils including those with

    special needs.

The Headteacher is responsible for the overall management of the school and for day-to-day management. Each of the governors has a responsibility for a specific aspect of school life and regularly meets with staff and visits classrooms, the staffroom and the dining hall. Governors are at the heart of how a school operates and it is vital that we get things right.

Who are our Governors?
Our Governing Body is made up of 4 Foundation Governors who are appointed by the Diocese; 1 parent governor who was elected by the parents of children at the school; 1 Headteacher, 1 staff representative and 1 community governor.


The Clerk to the Governing Body may be contacted through the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Lindsey Johnson, via the school address or email

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Mrs. Vanessa Cload - Foundation Governor




Co Vice-Chair

Responsibilities : Special Educational Needs, Inclusion and Equality Governor (including Looked After Children - LAC)

Attendance 2019-20 : 1/2


I have been teaching in Plymouth for 18 years in a primary school and have a wealth of experience to offer the Keyham Barton school community. I have been on the Senior Leadership team of my primary school for many years as the school's SENCo and Foundation Stage lead teacher. I have been the designated teacher for Looked After Children and coordinated many other areas within my school including ICT, History, Gifted and Talented, Medical needs and First aid. Prior to teaching,  I enjoyed a very fulfilling career as a nurse. I love to spend time with my husband and children, travelling, walking, gardening and knitting! I worship at Plymouth Cathedral and am delighted to be involved in supporting the staff and children of Keyham Barton.

Mrs Alaine Cocker - Foundation Governor


Chair of Governors

Responsibility - HR Governor and Finance Governor

Attendance 2019-20 : 2/2


I have served as a governor at Keyham Barton for the past two years. My two eldest children attended Keyham Barton before moving onto secondary school and my youngest son is currently in year 6 at the school. I am a qualified Teaching Assistant and I am currently employed at Peter Pan Playgroup as a Playgroup Assistant. I have experience as a volunteer with many organisations and I am actively involved in the community with 1st Keyham Scout Group and the Friends of Keyham Barton fundraising group. As a parent and a practising Catholic I believe it is important that our school should look after the social, emotional and spiritual welfare of our children as well as providing the best academic education possible. I have enjoyed my time as a governor and I have learned much over the previous two years. I look forward to continue working with the Governing Body of Keyham Barton to achieve the best educational experience for all our children during their time at the school.

Mrs Alison Derrick - Foundation Governor


Responsibility - RE and Catholic Life Governor

Attendance 2019-20 : 1/2


Having been a teacher in a variety of roles and responsibilities for almost 40 years of which many of them were in Catholic schools in the diocese, I then retired in my final job at Keyham Barton in 2018. Acknowledging that teaching was definitely in my blood I realised that I wanted to continue my involvement, so decided to become a Governor at Keyham Barton. However, this was not an entirely new role as I had been a governor in two previous Catholic schools. 

One of my passions is working within the Global environment and enabling children to have a better understanding of the world around them. One of the projects that Keyham Barton is now involved in is ‘Food for Thought’ which I introduced to the school in 2015. Our link school is a Muslim faith school in Uganda called Kikandwa. Recently the children in Year 5 (summer term 2019) spent the day immersed in the ‘Laudato Si’ project and with the help of local Holy Redeemer parishioners made 120 Afripads for the girls in our link school. These were delivered in October 2019 and were very gratefully received along with a bar of soap for each girl.

On a personal level I enjoy family life with my husband, three grown up children and two granddaughters whom I see regularly and enjoy looking after. My hobbies include reading, cycling, sailing and swimming. I attend St Austin’s Priory, Ivybridge with my family and am involved in the choir, children’s liturgy and am on the reading rota for Sunday mass.

I really enjoy coming into the school especially to the school masses as I find them so uplifting and joyous. The children always give their very best be it reading, singing or serving on the altar. I want to support the school in as many ways as possible as I feel passionate about all children attaining their potential and having a wonderful experience at Primary School. 




Mrs. Shelley England - Headteacher



Attendance 2019-20 : 2/2


I am proud to be the headteacher of Keyham Barton school.  From my first visit, I knew it was the school for me. It has a special heartbeat.  Being from Plymouth, I am very familiar with the needs of our community, families and children.  As a parent of two primary school aged children, I also empathise with our children and our parents and know what a crucial role school can play in the wellbeing of our lives- whether academic, personal, physical or spiritual and the resultant happiness an enjoyable and high quality education can bring.  I also understand the daily pressures raising a family can have!  I am passionate about life and faith; believing every day is a gift to be lived to the full and feel blessed to be able to serve our community, alongside all of our children, parents, governors and parishoners.

Mrs. Brooke Morrison-Hill  - Parent Governor


Responsibility - Safeguarding and Child Protection Governor and Parents and the community Governor

Attendance 2019-20 : 1/2

Registered Interests: Charity Trustee of Peter Pan Playgroup 


I have 2 sons both of whom attend the school. I have worked in the finance industry for the last 17 years and hope that I can transfer some of my skills and experience to help the school to continue to improve. I wanted to join the governing body as I wanted to contribute to ensuring that we can provide a safe and fun environment for all the children who come here to enjoy.

Mr Kevin Noonan  - Foundation Governor





Responsibility - Health and Safety Governor

Attendance 2019-20 : 2/2

Registered Interests: None.


I have 2 children both attending Keyham Barton and I was educated in a catholic upbringing at Buckfast Abbey Prep school followed by St Boniface College. My values very much mirror the foundation values of Keyham Barton and as a parent and practicing catholic I believe it is important that our school achieves the best possible social, emotional and academic experience in a safe environment to allow the children’s natural talents flourish. Currently I work for Babcock in Devonport Dockyard and I am sure my skills within my professional career can transfer to benefit Keyham Barton.


Mrs. Anne-Marie Sowden   -  Foundation Governor




Responsibility - Curriculum and Standards Governor

Attendance 2019-20 : 1/2

Registered Interests: Commercial Operations Manager for CATER-Ed Ltd


My association with Keyham Barton started in the late 90’s when my oldest son started school, followed a few years later by his brother. I believe it remains as special now as it felt then. 


While my sons were at school I was on the FKB committee and for a time was Chair, I was also a parent governor at the school. Although my sons have long since left Keyham Barton it remains a special place in my heart. When I saw that they were looking for governors I did not hesitate to apply. I hope in my current role as Commercial Operations Manager for a local company I will be able to offer knowledge to the school, it has now and will always have my full support.

Mrs. Tina Tuohy - Foundation Governor




Attendance 2019-20 : 0/2


I came to Plymouth in 1970 and have lived in North Prospect for 40 odd years before moving when my house was demolished due to Regeneration. I have been a parishioner at Holy Redeemer all this time and my children and one grandchild also went to Keyham Barton School.  I used to be a governor at the old North Prospect Primary School before it became the Mayflower Academy and found it very interesting and rewarding. I would have like to have joined Keyham Barton earlier but never managed to be available when one of the posts became free. On this occasion I jumped at the chance and while my children  were at the school I had always enjoyed my visits and in particular the Nativity Plays and School Mass. I am on the Parish Council and a Eucharistic Minister.  I used to teach archaeology at University of Exeter and now although retired I still do some teaching online.  I am keen on gardening, wildlife and dog walking.


Governor Information 2019-20

Full Name

Governor Type

Appointing Body

Date of Current Appointment

End of Current Term

Meeting Attendance 2018-19

Business Interests

Other Governorships

Cload, Vanessa


Diocese of Plymouth



3 of 4 meetings 



Woodford Primary School

Cocker, Alaine


Diocese of Plymouth



6 of 6 meetings 




Derrick, Alison


Diocese of Plymouth



0/0 New governor



England, Shelley





6 of 6 meetings 


Teaching staff

IAB of St Boniface College

Morrison-Hill, Brooke


Elected by Parents



6 of 6 meetings 



Charity Trustee of Peter Pan Playgroup 

Noonan, Kevin


Diocese of Plymouth



0/0 New governor



Sowden, Anne-Marie


Diocese of Plymouth



3 of 6 meetings 


Commercial Operations Manager for CATER’Ed Ltd


Tuohy, Christina


Diocese of Plymouth



5 of 6 meetings 





Governors who have left the LGB in the last 12 months

Full Name

Governor Type

Appointing Body

End of Term

Gemma Burns


Elected by Staff


Alison Thornton Foundation Diocese of Plymouth 06.11.19

How to become a Governor

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please contact the school office in the first instance. 



If you would like to contact the Governing Body please do this via the Clerk to Governors Mrs L Johnson on the email address above or using the form on our 'Contact Details' page.


Governor Minutes summary 2018-19

Governor attendance at meetings

Governor Training 2017-2019

Governor Meeting dates 2018-19

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