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Friends Resilience


Remember to relax

I can do it! I can do my best!

Explore solutions and coping step plans

Now reward yourself!  You've done your best!

Don't forget to practise

Smile - stay calm

FRIENDS resilience is new to our school this year and will be taught in year groups 1 - 6.  It is a programme that teaches children all about their emotions and how this affects their behaviour.  It gives them strategies to look after themselves, such as having a positive outlook, how to cope in stressful situations, how to self regulate and self soothe, how to handle conflict and how to write coping step plans and problem solve.  All of these skills are crucial for our children to lead happy, successful lives as well as enable them to build happy and healthy relationships with others.


There are two aspects to the programme: Fun Friends for children in years 1 - 3 and Friends for Life for children in years 4 - 6.


The children will bring home weekly talk homework linked to their FRIENDS learning to complete alongside their family.