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We received this beautiful email 11th March 2018 from a volunteer who came and spent time in our school.  We are very proud and believe it captures exactly what we aim to provide for our children.


I felt privileged the week before last to be with my god daughter Beth Williams during her day at Keyham Barton School. I myself taught in primary schools in the 1960's and to experience how very much education has changed for the better was a delight. What struck me was how accessible learning is in your school: inspiring wall displays, little huddles of children in earnest consultation with each other or a teacher, and a general atmosphere of liveliness and excitement.
I was so impressed by the Year Four class I spent time with. They were, in my opinion, exceptionally keen to learn. Really interested, they could explain what they were doing with clarity and enthusiasm : they struck me as children who've grasped the thrill of acquiring knowledge.
I read in the press with a sinking feeling from time to time how the present education system can fail our children. I can't tell you how heartening it was therefore to spend a day in your school- thank you for such a refreshing and hopeful experience!
With very best wishes,

       Jane McIntosh



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