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British Values

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A school whose ethos is based on gospel values of mercy, love, joy and respect is a school which by its nature, upholds British Values.
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The Joy of the Gospel - Pope Francis


"The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel."

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Building Bridges - Promoting values through Belief, Faith and Culture 

                                                        by Jonathan Marshall MBE


Adviser to Centre for Faiths and Cultural Diversity and Plymouth Sacre July 2015

In February 2015, with a background of ongoing conflict, tragedy around the world and the threat of growing, violent extremism in Britain, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, gave an interview... in which he advised:

​"I think the secret is we have to work harder to build bridges, despite the setbacks and despite the discouragement ... try to build bridges and show justice and kindness to people."


This is a major challenge for us all today. Whether in school or church; mosque or synagogue; temple or community group; how can we build bridges? How can I be a bridge? A bridge which conveys and communicates those all important values of respect, understanding and compassion for all. 

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Indoor picnic to celebrate Her Majesty's Official Birthday.

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Happy 90th Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II

Keyham Barton celebrate Her Majesty's 90 birthday. The eldest and youngest pupils blow out the candles.

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St George's Day - 23rd April 


St. George is the patron saint of England. His emblem, a red cross on a white background, is the flag of England, and part of the British flag. St George's emblem was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. The king's soldiers wore it on their tunics to avoid confusion in battle.

Happy 90th Birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

90 Years in 90 Seconds

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​On Thursday 23rd June the British public will vote to either remain in the European Union or to leave. 

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What is the EU?




The EU is a group of 28 countries which exists to promote economic security,peace and stability.

The EU operates as a single, free trading market, without customs duties between borders and it allows UK and other EU citizens the right to travel, work and live in any other EU country.

Cooperation between the EU’s 28 Member States is supported by core institutions, including the European Council (EU Prime Ministers and Presidents), the European Parliament, the Council of the EU (ministers representing each Member State), the Court of Justice of the EU and the European Commission.

Most draft EU laws are proposed by the European Commission and then debated, amended and approved or rejected by both the European Parliament and the Council, where the UK has a say or vote on all EU legislation and a veto on the most sensitive issues.

What is the Single Market?

The EU’s Single Market is a market of over 500 million customers representing an economy that’s more than five times bigger than the UK’s. The Single Market means that there are no customs duties between borders and less border bureaucracy for selling or buying goods or services. This makes it easier and cheaper for UK companies to sell their products outside the UK, creating jobs as a result.

It is the deepest and broadest free trading zone in the world, and the UK’s position as a leading member of the EU gives us a strong voice in shaping the rules of that market. The UK has also secured a commitment to cut red tape further and to pursue new trade deals to make the EU more competitive.

Stronger, Safer, Better off


Watch this video and find out why David Cameron and the Government believes that Britain should remain part of the European Union. 

What do you think? Why?

Stronger, Safer, Better off

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Anti-Bullying Assembly March 2016

Diversity Week 2015-2016


This year the whole school celebrated Diversity Week by exploring different faiths and cultures. Year 4 and Year 6 had a wonderful visit to the synagogue in the city centre and combined this with a visit to St Andrew's church where they were able to observe and discuss similarities and differences between the two places of worship. They continued to build on this fantastic learning opportunity once they came back to school. The younger children in Year 1 and 2 also learned about Judaism and year 2 made model sukkots to share at our table-top event at the end of the week. It was great to see the children share their learning with their mums and dads, grandparents and carers. To find out more, visit the Class Pages and Our Catholic Life.


Bars and melody - Hopeful LYRICS.mp4

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Harvest 2015 - Thank you to everybody for contributing so generously to our Harvest Celebration. The Plymouth Food Bank were absolutely thrilled!

Harvest 2015 - Thank you to everybody for contributing so generously to our Harvest Celebration. The Plymouth Food Bank were absolutely thrilled! 1

Schools Challenge 2015

Remembrance 2014

Keep Keyham Clean

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From left to right: Miya, 10 Bryony, 11, Albert, 6, Ruby, 9, Isabelle, 5, and Charlotte, 10


AWARDS for a Plymouth primary school poster competition aiming to clean up the local community were presented last month, with six pupils scooping top prizes.

Keyham Barton Primary School decided to run the competition after Ruby Gilmore, aged nine, wrote a letter to Cllr Mark Coker regarding dog mess on Keyham footpaths.

Students eat their lunch offsite at Gaynor Hall and are guided by staff down a service alley to the site every day.

Children and their parents have complained about the state of the alleyway, and so the competition was designed to address the problem.


Ten year old Charlotte Potham's winning entry has been turned into a postcard and delivered to every house in the area to raise awareness.


Charlotte also won a £25 Waterstone's voucher. Second prize of a £15 voucher went to 11 year old Bryony Freeman and Miya Donelly (aged 10), Isabel Hall (aged 5) and Albert Gilmore (aged 6) received £10 vouchers for their entries.


Ruby Gilmore also received a £25 voucher for inspiring the competition, which 60 pupils entered altogether.

On Monday, June 15, Mark Coker came into judge the competition and hand out the prizes.


The remaining £410 of Mark's donation will be used to enhance the school's environment.


Deputy head teacher Finola Gill said the competition was "a fantastic opportunity for the children to get involved with the local community".

Read more: 


General Election 2015

On 7th May 2015 we held our own election at school and every child from Foundation Stage to Year 6 had a chance to vote.

Prior to our election we learned the names of the main political parties, their leaders and their local representatives by matching up photographs and names hidden around the KS2 Annexe. 

Year 5 even wrote their own manifestos - written declarations outlining their promises, motivations and key values.

Year 5 manifestos

Year 5 manifestos 1

Diversity Week 2014-2015

We had lots of visitors during this year's Diversity Week to teach us about other faiths and other cultures. We learned Hindu dancing, Japanese origami and drumming (Taiko); we had a visitor from the Jewish community, Louise, who taught Year 5 all about Shabbat. Year 5 also researched the five pillars of Islam and were able to explain them to the whole school through their powerpoint presentations. 

Find out more by visiting each Class Page to see what we learned during a very exciting and enriching week. 

All the activities and learning that took place during Diversity Week helped us to gain a better understanding of other peoples, their beliefs and their cultures and helped us to understand our own culture a little more too. We all thoroughly enjoyed Diversity Week 2014!