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We have been learning about number and different ways of counting. We have been learning to group in tens to make it quicker and easier to count large numbers.


We used nature as a focus for our art. We collected lots of leaves during our wealk at KGP and made rubbings using autumn coloured crayons. 


We then reused the leaves to create prints in modelling clay, we made sure we pressed hard to we could see the veins and details of the leaves. We used special clay tools to cut them out and make sure they were the correct shape.


We let them harden and then painted them in autumnal colours and used them as part of our Creation learning in RE.


Working on our Pumpkin Soup instructions

Pumpkin Soup

We had a great time learning how to write instructions. We had been reading a story called 'Pumpkin Soup' and we made our own. We followed the instructions and then wrote our own set of instructions for turnip soup.



We had a great day getting to know Little Red Riding Hood and the characters in the story.


We took a stroll through the woods and found lots of pictures from the story. We were able to sequence them in the correct order.


We then found a house in the woods that we decided was Granny's house!


We had some fun collecting all different types of leaves for our learning this week too.


After lunch, we made some cupcakes for Granny, but she didn't get to eat them... we did! Yummy!