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Autumn 2019

31st Oct - M.A.D Week continued...

30th Oct - M.A.D Week (A for Art)

30th Oct - Time for some yoga...

14th Nov - Investigating Friction

11th Nov - Jumping with a safe landing (some blurry images as they were so fast!)

31st Oct - Halloween!

18th Oct - Chatterboxes

For our 'instructional writing' learning, we had a go at following instructions to make a chatterbox. We found them so fiddly to make! We had another go, this time with a bit more help, and we succeeded ;)

17th Oct - Making our own compost! Yes, with worms too!

11th Oct - Prehistoric Pots

9th Oct - Representing the benefits of a hillfort with freeze frames

27th Sept - Colour tinting with Stonehenge

26th Sept - Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?

23rd Sept - Creating character descriptions for Om, the Stone Age girl.

18th Sept - Today we were reporters! There was a new discovery at Skara Brae!

17th Sept - Description of appearance or personality, which one is it?

16th Sept - Creating actions to go with our character description text map

13th Sept - Creating our final calligram using IT

12th Sept - Passing & pivoting (bounce pass at 3 quarters! Maths slinky linky snake)

12th Sept - Evaluating our Calligrams

9th Sept - Rocks rock!

Today we were learning about 3 different types of rocks - igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic - and how each one is formed.

6th Sept - Human number line

We managed to get in order in 1.52 minutes. We will aim to do it quicker next time!

UPDATE: 9th Sept - We managed to do it in 53 seconds today! We are getting better at understanding the value of each digit already!

5th Sept - Counting in 100s

5th Sept - L'Alphabet en Français