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We met a real firefighter!

We were so lucky to have a visit from Darren, the firefighter from Camels Head Firestation. We learnt so much.

Firefighters have 4 main jobs:

Putting out fires.

Rescuing animals (even a giraffe!).

Using a rescue boat.

Community fire safety visits. 

We learnt the emergency services are fire service, police, ambulance and coastguard. They all work together. It is important to know your address just in case you need to tell an emergency services adult. It is helpful to know a nearby landmark too (the church, school, post box, park) to help them know where you are. Only share this with a trusted adult. In an emergency, we call 999. 

We learnt how a smoke alarm is like a dog’s nose sniffing for smoke and that we should get our smoke alarm a christmas present of a new battery!

We also know a cool rhyme:

Matches, lighters never touch. They can hurt you very much!

We used a special camera, a Thermal Image Camera,  that can see us even if it was smokey or dark!

Lastly, we dressed up Mrs McCoy! We know all about the clever clothes that firefighters use. Why don’t you ask us about it?

heartWe love booksheart

On Thursday we went on an adventure to North Prospect Library to visit Fi and Sam and borrow some books. We wore our bright yellow safety vests and were Buddy Up Bears walking with our partners. We loved looking at all of the picture books. Now we can look at them in school too. 

Have you ever borrowed books from the library? Come to Foundation and we can show you how. 

smileyThank you to the parent helpers.smiley

We made a dinosaur world!
We needed a dinosaur (and mermaid!) role play area. We discussed what kind of world dinosaurs lived in. We painted volcanos, rocks, grass and trees and collaged them together to make a backdrop to our area. We have masks and are making dinosaur feet next. We used floaty fabric and pegs to make us feel like mermaids. Our next job is to finish our small world volcano for the tiny dinosaurs to explore. 
We write everywhere!
First Week Fun!

Check out our amazing learning in Foundation.

Thank you to our amazing Year 6 buddies. More photos on the Facebook page. 

Can you tell your grown up about our pictures?

I wonder what we will do next week...