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God Matters


The 'God Matters' curriculum is followed throughout our school and is split up into ten themes which are revisited and developed each year to support the faith development of the children.


Creation - explores the creation story and considers why we should look after God's creation.

Sacraments - children develop a deeper understanding of each of the seven sacraments within the Catholic Church.

Prayer, Saints and Feasts - explores our relationship with God and how we celebrate our Saints. This is covered in Novemebr when we celebrate Our Saints and All Souls and again in the Summer term. 

Advent:  Looks at the season of Advent and how we prepare for Jesus' birth.

Christmas: Looks specifically at the story of Christmas and what it means for us.

Revelation:  Develops the children's knowledge of how we should follow God's laws and how we are waiting for Jesus to come again.

Lent: Children develop an understanding of how we prepare for Easter through the teachings and example of Jesus.

Holy Week: Children explore each of the different stages of Holy Week and empathise with Jesus and the disciples throughout this time.

Easter:  Children are given the opportunity to explore the sacrifice Jesus and God made at this time.

Pentecost and Mission:  Explores the events of Pentecost and the importance of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Classes also learn about events within our Liturgical Year, relevant Saints and times of particular focus e.g. October as the month of the Rosary. 

Every year, children also spend three separate weeks learning about other faiths e.g.: Judaism, Sikhism and Islam.







Our Catholic Identity 

Our Catholic Ethos and Mission Statement underpin every aspect of the holistic development of the children within our school. Our RE curriculum along with regular acts of worship and the celebration of Mass explore and nurture the children’s relationship with God and their journey in faith, thus supporting the children’s learning throughout the curriculum. This is achieved by supporting the children’s emotional, moral, personal and spiritual development as a whole and allowing them to grow in confidence as people in themselves, in the relationship they have with others and foremost, in their relationship with Christ.


Mass is celebrated weekly and is central to our practice as a Catholic primary school and community. Children participate thoroughly by involvement in prayers, readings, hymns and Catholic children have the opportunity to receive Holy Communion. Parents and the wider community are invited to attend and celebrate alongside us.


Our Parish Priest and governor Fr. Tim Lewis is an integral part of the children’s on-going Catholic education. Over the year Fr. Tim’s weekly visits cater for the celebration of Mass, the administration of the sacraments, curriculum support, and the pastoral care of pupils, parents and staff.


Acts of Worship are enjoyed three times a week. These take place in class and within whole school assemblies. Opportunities present themselves within these acts of worship for children and adults to better understand their relationship with God and at which stage they are at in their own journey in faith. Personal, Social, Moral and Emotional aspects of learning are often developed here and the children are given a chance to reflect on things that affect their relationships with themselves, others and Christ. This year we are hoping to invite parents and guardians to join us for Class Acts of Worship at Christmas, Easter and in the Summer term, both in the Church and in school. 


Our RE Provision is supported by the scheme of work God Matters. This scheme follows the liturgical year. Charities, mainly CAFOD, are supported and awareness is raised through fundraising events throughout the school year. Diversity Week is held annually and gives the children a perspective of their place in God’s world.


Our journey with Christ begins at different points along the road and we recognise that the faith and understanding of the children within our care may be beyond that which they can articulate. We recognise, as a school, that through striving to live the Gospel Values as carers and educators, we can create an atmosphere of nurture that impacts on all areas of our children’s school life.  

Our Journeys in Faith
We have been creating 'Big Books' of our learning in RE over the past three years. Please feel free to browse and share our Journeys with Jesus so far...