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We received this beautiful email 11th March 2018 from a volunteer who came and spent time in our school.  We are very proud and believe it captures exactly what we aim to provide for our children.


I felt privileged the week before last to be with my god daughter Beth Williams during her day at Keyham Barton School. I myself taught in primary schools in the 1960's and to experience how very much education has changed for the better was a delight. What struck me was how accessible learning is in your school: inspiring wall displays, little huddles of children in earnest consultation with each other or a teacher, and a general atmosphere of liveliness and excitement.
I was so impressed by the Year Four class I spent time with. They were, in my opinion, exceptionally keen to learn. Really interested, they could explain what they were doing with clarity and enthusiasm : they struck me as children who've grasped the thrill of acquiring knowledge.
I read in the press with a sinking feeling from time to time how the present education system can fail our children. I can't tell you how heartening it was therefore to spend a day in your school- thank you for such a refreshing and hopeful experience!
With very best wishes,

       Jane McIntosh





Many thanks to all parents who completed their report response slip. It was wonderful to read your comments. It was also heart-warming, at the end of a challenging year, to note that our efforts and hard work have been appreciated. Thank you for your ongoing support of our school, your teachers and all our wonderful children. Have a lovely and hopefully sunny, summer holiday.


A massive thank you to everyone concerned with **** on his learning journey. This school year proved difficult to start with a massive turn around by the end of the year. Thank you all!


What a fabulous school report ****! We are really pleased with the progress **** has made with reading and spelling. **** loves school - thank you all for what you do for her.


What a fantastic report - I am proud of **** for her achievements this year. Thank you to Mr Phillips, Mrs Prestidge and the team in Year 1 for giving her the skills and support to help her achieve such great results.


I was delighted to read such a comprehensive report - it allowed me to see all aspects of ****'s learning and ways she can improve. I would like to thank Keyham Barton for the care and support to **** and our family.


I can see that you have put a tremendous amount of effort into ****'s personal development within education... It is fantastic to read that he interacts well with PE ...and through practice and your motivation I can see that he is growing in confidence. Thank you to Ms Anning and the support staff for being a great teacher and support and for assisting **** to settle in to school so quickly.


I am really happy with ****'s progress and I am pleased with her report. She loves school.


 **** has grown and progressed so well this year and we are very happy with this report. Thank you to all the teachers involved with getting all the children through the challenge of Y6 SATS. Time for his next challenge of **** but I am sure he'll miss Keyham Barton and the wonderful start in life he has received.


"We are very proud of how **** has worked this year. I'm sure she will continue to work hard at **her new school**. Thank you to everyone who has helped and taught **** over the last seven years. I know she will miss you all. It's always lovely to know that she is as happy in school as she is at home."


It's with a lot of pride that we received ****'s report. A big thank you to the teachers for helping my son to succeed.



Thank you for all your lovely cards and appreciative comments.

Thank you so much for all your love, help and guidance over ****'s first year. He truly has come so far! We will both miss you!


With thanks for all your continued support. Have a wonderful well-earned summer break. We will miss you lots!


Thank you so much for what you have done for ****. You have made her into a confident happy child that will now talk aloud. She will miss you next year but I'm sure she will sneak back for a chat!


Thank you for all the help and support you have given me and for guiding me in the right direction for my first year of school.


Thank you so much for all you have down for me in my first year at school! I have enjoyed it so much and learnt so much which I will carry with me into Year 1.



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Your suggestions and concerns are of interest to us!

Please come in and share your suggestions and concerns before they become serious worries. We will do all we can to put things right. There is a suggestion box in the foyer if you prefer to do this anonymously. You can also use the 'Contact Us' facility here on our website to communicate with us. 

 Parent Survey October 2015


School Community



I am made to feel welcome by the school.



The school has a caring atmosphere with relationships based on Gospel values.



I feel the school communicates well with parents.



The school community actively reaches out to support those in need.



The school is an active member of the local Catholic community.


Religious Education



Religious education has a high profile within the school.



The school gives parents a clear understanding of what is taught in RE.



I am satisfied with my son/daughter’s progress in religious education.


Spiritual and Moral Education



The prayer and worship provided in the school are appropriate for the pupils.



The school welcomes parents to share in the worshipping life of the school.



The school provides pupils with clear guidance on health, personal growth and moral development.



Pupils have positive attitudes and behave well.


Leadership of the School



Those in positions of leadership in the school provide a Christian model of leadership.



The school listens to and acts on concerns expressed by parents.





I would recommend this school to another family.



 There were 54 returns in total.

The areas causing most concern included communication with parents over general matters but more particularly about learning in RE.

In order to address these concerns we have taken the following action:

  • RE Newsletters are sent out at the start of each new RE topic. These explain clearly what the focus will be for each year group and offers ideas for parents to explore with their children. 
  • Our foyer display is an opportunity to share our learning after each RE topic has been completed. Each class contributes to the display and parents are welcome to view this whenever they enter the school. 
  • Parents have been invited to join school acts of worship in the church and in our school hall. Our Christmas acts of worship - Advent, Christingles, Nativity Plays and our Christmas Carol Service were well attended. Our Easter acts of worship led by each class were performed for the school and again, for the parents and they too were well attended. 
  • Letters are sent out at the beginning of each term giving notice of key dates and events.
  • As events approach, letters are sent out to remind parents and to give further detail and information.
  • Parents are reminded of key dates and events by text.
  • Parents were informed of how to subscribe to the website calendar in order to be informed of key dates and events. 
  • The website is updated every time a letter goes home so that parents can download letters if they are forgotten or lost by their children.